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The Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council is often referred to as simply 'THEAC'. said

The Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council was established in 1993 to advise the Minister for Education and the general public on matters to do with home education and to register and monitor individual home education programs.

The Council is not part of the Department of Education, it is an independent advisory council established and therefore directly responsible to the Minister under the Education Act regulations relating to Advisory Councils.

THEAC provides a reference point for queries, responds to community concerns and maintains liaison with other agencies about home education.

Council employs four part-time staff, two Administration Officers and two Monitoring Officers.

THEAC is made up of six voluntary members, three of whom are nominated by home educators, and three appointed by the Minister from the wider Tasmanian community.
If you have an interest in Home Education or wish to find out the requirements that need to be met for you to legally home educate in Tasmania, you would be strongly advised to contact THEAC in the early stages of your Journey. THEAC can provide you with up to date information regarding the legal requirements for home education in Tasmania and information about some available resources.

For further details please contact THEAC

By Mail:

3 Dowling Street,
Tasmania, 7250

By Phone or Fax:

(03) 6334 5381

Or Via Email


Or Visit Their Website