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Is Home Education Legal In Tasmania?

Yes it is! Home Education is legal in Tasmania as well as the whole of Australia. However it is important to understand that to Home Educate legally in Australia, that each state has a different point of contact and requirements. In Tasmania you need to be registered with THEAC.

How do you Register?

Once you have decided to home education, to ensure that it is 'legal' you need to contact THEAC for all relevant documentation to be sent out to you.

Once you receive this information you need to read through it and familiarise yourself with the requirements. Then complete the 'application for home education form' and send it back to THEAC with any and all relevant documentation and a outline of your proposed Home Education program.
  • Children must be at least 5 years of age as at 1st January of the year you wish to start home educating.
  • Part time school enrolment and part time registration with THEAC is not a legal option in Tasmania.
  • Minimum registration period: equivalent of one school term.

What is Required?

The main requirements are:
  • Fill in an 'application for home education form'
  • Submit a document outlining your proposed home education program
  • Provide all relevant documentation - such as certified copy of child full birth certificate
  • Partake in a Monitoring Interview before full registration can be granted

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